Pokemon Introduces Mystery Pokemon as Meltan

Last weekend's mystery Pokemon has been officially introduced as the Mythical Pokemon Meltan.

On Saturday, Pokemon Go players discovered a brand new Pokemon species shortly after the monthly Community Day event ended. A tiny Pokemon with a hex nut shaped head and a squishy body appeared in mass quantities all around the world, but immediately transformed into a Ditto when caught.

The Pokemon quickly earned the fan nickname Nutto, but everyone struggled with what the Pokemon was for the rest of the weekend. Players debated whether this was some sort of glitch, a brand new Pokemon species, or a tease for a new event, but The Pokemon Company and Pokemon Go left fans hanging until now.

Earlier today, The Pokemon Company released a two minute video featuring Professor Oak and Professor Willow that formally introduced players to Meltan, a new Mythical Pokemon. A press release sent by the Pokemon Company revealed that Meltan is a Steel-Type Pokemon with a body made of liquid metal. Its arms and legs can corrode metal and it can generate electricity from the metal it absorbs from outside sources. This electricity can be transformed into attack that gets fired out from its eye.

The rollout of this new Pokemon was pretty genius, as it certainly had fans of Pokemon Go and main series Pokemon fans talking for days. Not only did Meltan's appearance lead to tons of fan art, it also marked a significant departure as to how The Pokemon Company introduces new Pokemon species.

We did know that The Pokemon Company planned to introduce a new Pokemon species later this year, and that players could only obtain it by sending gifts from Pokemon Go to the new Nintendo Switch games Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu and Pokemon: Let's Go, Eevee. However, fans weren't expecting the Pokemon to just show up during the middle of a Pokemon Go event. The Pokemon Company confirmed that Pokemon Go is the key to obtaining Meltan in Pokemon: Let's Go.

We should get more information about Meltan soon, but Niantic and The Pokemon Company should be commended for a great way of introducing this new Pokemon to the masses. Let us know what you think about the new Pokemon's design in the comment section!