A Pokemon Go Player Was Briefly Banned For Using This Offensive Nickname

Pokemon Go

A Pokemon Go player who got banned a few months ago for an in-game name that was marked as offensive has returned from his Pokemon-catching setback now that he’s been unbanned.

The players in question was an Arizona resident named David Summers who was flagged for having an offensive nickname, a ban that Summers told ABC 15 Arizona that he’s convinced was a result of being reported multiple times by another player who didn’t want any in-game competition. Summers in-game name, PokeBeaterUpper, was flagged for being offensive, a name that he described as “wholesome.”

After reaching out several times to Niantic to try and see if he could get the decision reversed, given that he was already at level 40 and had invested quite a bit of time in the game, he had trouble getting through to a live person and was instead met with some emails that he was convinced were structured with automated responses. On the day that ABC 15 Arizona ran the initial story about Summers being banned, Summers received a response that said his account was being reactivated and gave some specific guidelines to avoid any future bans. The full text of the email can be seen below:


Upon Further review, we have made the decision to reactivate your Pokemon GO account.

Your nickname has been reset for a final time. Please choose another nickname that does not reference violence, the numbers 69, or any other words or wordplay that other may find offensive.

Beyond that response, more details followed that resembled one of the more automated responses that some might receive that described how Pokemon Go is meant to be fun for all players and that the terms of service should always be kept in mind.

Summers has been asked to change his name more than once because of reports, something that the part of the email saying it has been “reset for a final time” likely refers to. There’s no telling what those other names were, but hopefully, the next name will keep Summers unbanned.

[via ABC 15 Arizona]