Watch The Most Pathetic Raid Battle In Pokemon Go History

Nine players made history earlier this month by completing what might be the most pathetic Pokemon Go raid in history.

A player named "zecmo" posted a video on YouTube showing himself and eight other trainers battling a Magikarp Raid Boss - using only Magikarp. Magikarp is a Level 1 Raid Boss, which means that most players should be able to beat it easily without assistance. It has the second-lowest Attack stat and the third-lowest Stamina stat in the game, so it's as useless in Pokemon Go as it is in every other part of the franchise. Magikarp's Splash fast attack does 0 damage, while its Struggle charge attack does only 35 base damage.

In the video, zecmo and his friends have their Magikarp flail uselessly in battle, waiting for their Struggle attacks to charge up. In the end, it took about 80 seconds for the nine players to beat Magikarp, although one poor Magikarp was knocked out before the Raid Battle was finished. You can check out the full battle above, although skip to 2:24 to watch the flopping and flailing start.

Magikarp has a long and proud reputation of being the most pathetic Pokemon in existence. Not only has the Pokemon Company published entire songs lauding Magikarp's terribleness, there's even a popular mobile game in which players train their Magikarp to jump. Not too high, however, because it might then get eaten by a passing Pidgeotto.


Although Magikarp is considered to be one of Pokemon Go's weakest Pokemon, that doesn't stop many players from trying to catch as many as they can. Not only does it evolve into the powerful Gyarados, it's also the only Pokemon in Pokemon Go to have a Shiny form that any player can catch.