Pokemon Go: The Trick to Quickly Converting All Your Rare Candy

A Pokemon Go player has figured out a nifty trick to saving a lot of time for players looking to use their Rare Candies.

Rare Candies are a sort of wild card item that can be used to power up any Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Most players use their Rare Candies to either power up Legendary Pokemon or evolve Pokemon that aren't easy to catch in their area.

While Rare Candies are great for evolving and powering up rare Pokemon, their effectiveness is a bit limited by the fact that you need to individually convert each Rare Candy before using them in the game. If players want to use a lot of Rare Candies at once, they need to spend a ton of time converting them first.

On Saturday, a reddit user named "sirpaul589" showed a technique they used to quickly converting them. By positioning the "Yes" button over the Pokemon you want to power up, you can quick convert Rare Candies by quickly tapping on the Pokemon and then the yes button over and over.

You can check out a gif of how this trick works below:

[PSA] You can quickly transfer rare candy by positioning the "yes" button over pokemon, then spam clicking from TheSilphRoad

Let's be clear: this isn't exactly a secret technique or a new addition to the game. But it seems that a lot of Pokemon Go players didn't realize there was an efficient way of switching over Rare Candies this quickly.

Hopefully, this little trick will help Pokemon Go players out as they prep their Raid Teams or finish out their Pokedex. While we're still waiting for a "Mass Convert" button, this will at least help players save a bit of time so they can get back to catching and battling Pokemon.