Pokemon Go's Safari Zones Will Have Limited Admission

Pokemon Go fans in Europe received a mixed bag of news about several upcoming 'Safari Zone' events [...]

Pokemon Go fans in Europe received a mixed bag of news about several upcoming "Safari Zone" events to be held later this summer. The good news is that, unlike Chicago's Pokemon Go Fest, Pokemon Go and its partner Unibail-Rodamco won't charge for entry. However, players will need to register beforehand for the event, and entry is limited to just a couple thousand players per event.

The "Safari Zones" are a new live event that will take place at Unibail-Rodamco malls throughout the summer and will allow trainers to catch "regional-exclusive" Pokemon like Kangaskhan that usually only spawn on other continents. Niantic announced several events for cities like Berlin, Paris, and Amsterdam, the first of which will take place in early August.

Unibail-Rodamco set up Facebook events for several of the Safari Zones and initially told Pokemon Go fans via Facebook that they could register at the event. However, they later announced that online preregistration was required. One event, to be held in Amsterdam, told players that only 2,000 trainers could attend.

The attendance limits are likely due to crowd control concerns and fire safety laws. A mall in Oberhausen, Germany noted that if attendance greatly exceeded their expectations, they would have to cancel the event due to public safety concerns.

Interestingly, Niantic usually holds their events at larger venues because of crowd sizes. Pokemon Go Fest is being held in a large public park, while an event taking place in Britain this weekend is taking over an entire small city.

WWG will have more coverage of Pokemon Go and Pokemon Go Fest this weekend.

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