Pokemon Go to Add Shiny Diglett if Players Reach Earth Day Goals

Pokemon Go developers will add Shiny Diglett to the game if players participate in Earth Day [...]

Pokemon Go developers will add Shiny Diglett to the game if players participate in Earth Day cleanup activities. Niantic, the developer of Pokemon Go and Ingress, announced that it was teaming up with the "gaming-for-good" engagement platform Playmob and various NGOs to host cleanups around the world on Earth Day. Players can unlock different rewards depending on how many players participate in the events. If at least 5,000 players participate, Niantic will unlock the Shiny form of Diglett to the game, along with increased appearances of Ground-type Pokemon around the world.

Players can also unlock even more bonuses if at least 7,000 Pokemon Go and Ingress players attend a cleanup. Players will get double Stardust and Candies for any Pokemon that spawn because of the Earth Day event. In addition, the Legendary Pokemon Groudon will also appear in raids for the event. All rewards will be released within a 48 hour window from the end of the Earth Day campaign.

Pokemon Go hosted a successful Earth Day event last year, as 4,200 players participated in various clean-up activities, thus picking up over 6,600 kilograms of trash. Thanks to players' efforts, players unlocked Shiny Wailmer and increased spawns of Water, Grass, and Ground-type Pokemon during the event last year.

Various cleanup events will take place throughout the month of April. More details about official cleanup events can be found on Niantic's website.


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