'Pokemon Go' Adds Shiny Psyduck

Pokemon Go has a new Shiny Pokemon appearing in the wild to commemorate the game's first Safari Zone event of 2019.

Pokemon Go is hosting its first live event of 2019, a Safari Zone event held in Porto Alegre, Brazil. The event will offer Brazilian players a chance to catch Pokemon like Relicanth, certain Gen 4 starters, and Psyduck, a reference to the city's Lagoon of the Ducks.

As part of the event, Shiny Psyduck are now appearing all around the world, even for players who live outside of Brazil. Shiny Pokemon are alternate colored versions of Pokemon that are usually quite rare. A Shiny Psyduck has light blue feathers instead of its usual yellow, while its evolved form Golduck has dark blue feathers and a peach-colored bill.

Although Shiny Psyduck will still likely be a rare find for most players, those attending the Safari Zone event this weekend will likely have a much better chance of finding the Shiny Pokemon. We'll note that Psyduck spawns will eventually be increased all around the world to celebrate the event.

In addition to Relicanth and Shiny Psyduck, players can also find the "P", "O", "R", "T", "A", "L", "E" and "G" variants of Unown if they attend the Safari Zone event. Those Unown were chosen as they can be used to spell out the name of Porto Alegre.


The Safari Zone event is free to attend, but players will need a ticket. Brazilian players can still celebrate the Safari Zone event, as Pokemon Go will be increasing the spawn rates of many Pokemon associated with the event around the entire country. The event will run through January 27th.