'Pokemon Go' Adds New Shiny Pokemon for Final Live Event of Summer

Pokemon Go has added two new Shiny Pokemon as part of its final live event of the summer.Players [...]

Pokemon Go has added two new Shiny Pokemon as part of its final live event of the summer.

Players attending the Safari Zone live event in Yokosuka, Japan are reporting that Shiny Wingull has appeared at the event. Pokemon Go previously announced that the alternate colored version of Wingull would appear at the live event, which runs through the end of this weekend.

Shiny Wingull's wing and tail feathers are green instead of blue, although the bulk of its body remains covered with the same white feathers.

Pokemon Go has steadily added new Shiny Pokemon each month as incentives for players to keep encountering and catching Pokemon. Shiny Pokemon are typically very rare, but certain events (such as the monthly Community Day event) offer players an increased chance of finding them in the wild.

Wingull will appear in mass quantities all over the world as part of this weekend's Global Challenge event. Players around the world will be tasked to complete 15.1 million Field Research quests during a two-day stretch in order to unlock increased Stardust rewards for catching and hatching Pokemon and completing Raid Battles.

If players successfully complete the Global Challenge, they'll unlock a special "Bonus Reward" (likely a Moltres Day mini-event, in which players can participate in Moltres raids for a chance to capture a Shiny Moltres) and unlock an unknown "Ultra Bonus Reward." Many players theorize that the Ultra Bonus Reward is the addition of Gen 4 Pokemon, judging by a few teases given by Pokemon Go earlier this summer.

The new Shiny Pokemon briefly appeared last weekend, as game developers apparently released the Shiny Pokemon early. However, Niantic quickly caught the error and removed the Shiny Pokemon from the game.

The Yokosuka event also features increased spawns of Pokemon like Beldum, Slakoth, and Ralts. However, only Wingull will be appearing in greater numbers outside of the Japanese event this weekend.