Pokemon Go to Test Rebalancing of XP, New Free Items

Niantic is running a test soon for some Pokemon Go players that’ll give Trainers a look at a new rebalancing of the experience system. The test previewed by the Pokemon Go developer this week said there would be “experience adjustments” to different activities that Trainers will be completing anyway, but how those experience gains would specifically be altered wasn’t mentioned. While the test is limited to a regional group of players, Trainers around the world will start seeing some new items appearing in their Daily Free Boxes at the same time.

The test in question will start on November 9th, and based on what Niantic has announced so far, it’ll only be available to players in Australia and New Zealand. That means the vast majority of Trainers won’t have access to the test itself, but we can expect to hear first-hand accounts from those who will be able to try it as soon as it’s available.

“We’ll be conducting an XP-rebalancing test for select Trainers in Australia and New Zealand, during which, those Trainers will experience adjustments to the amount of XP they earn from activities such as catching Pokémon, hatching Eggs, evolving Pokémon, and more,” Niantic said. “This test will run until Monday, November 16, 2020.”

One would hope that the changes included in this test would affect the XP gains earned by these actions in a positive way – we can expect the what the sentiment from the community will be like if that’s not the case. Niantic hasn’t said anything yet about expanding this test outside of the regions mentioned above and making it available for more players, but if there’s more testing to be done, it’s likely others will have their chance to see the rebalance in action at some point.

Whether you see the XP rebalance in your Pokemon Go experience during the timeframe referenced above or not, you can at least expect to earn some different kinds of items each day for free. Niantic again did not specify how these items distributed through the Daily Free Box would change, but we’ll see soon starting on November 9th.


“Additionally, Trainers around the world may begin seeing different items pop up in the Daily Free Box, which they can find in the FREE section of the shop,” Niantic said. “These items might be those most relevant to each Trainer’s Pokémon GO experience!”

Pokemon Go’s regional XP rebalance test will begin on November 9th.