Katy Perry, Post Malone, J Balvin Get Official Pokemon Cards

The Pokemon Company has revealed three new Pokemon cards featuring three of the musical artists associated with its Pokemon 25 musical album. Earlier this week, The Pokemon Company posted "official" Pokemon cards featuring Katy Perry, Post Malone, and J Balvin, celebrating the musicians' participation in the Pokemon 25 music project that ran throughout the year. All three cards have illustrated versions of their respective singer as well as at least one partner Pokemon. All three cards are V Cards as well. You can check out the Pokemon cards, courtesy of PokeBeach, below: 

(Photo: Pokemon)
(Photo: Pokemon)
(Photo: Pokemon)

It's unclear whether these cards will be officially be released or if they're just special mock-ups designed to celebrate the Pokemon 25 project. Notably, the cards all have unusual numbering that reflect the real-life singers' birthdays instead of their usual set numbering. At least one copy of the cards were officially produced, as J Balvin posted a picture of a physical card on his Instagram. 

This isn't the first time that The Pokemon Company has released official Pokemon cards based on real-life people. While the most notable of these cards is likely the Imakuni? trainer card (based on a Japanese singer of the same name who has appeared in multiple pieces of Pokemon media), several other cards were also produced with extremely limited print runs. For instance, an Ishihara GX Pokemon card depicting The Pokemon Company's CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara as an Ultra Beast was distributed at a private birthday party for Ishihara back in 2017. It's estimated that only 30 to 200 copies of that card exists. 

Pokemon 25: The Album was officially released yesterday on October 15th and is available at most major music retail sites. The Pokemon Company has also released several music videos, including one featuring J Balvin's new song "Ten Cuidado," which features a breakdancing Hitmontop. Perry also was featured in a music video, while Malone performed in a virtual concert where he serenaded several Pokemon in various landscapes.

Stay tuned for additional information about these cards, including if they'll ever get a wider release.