Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to Evolve Bisharp

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet gives another existing Pokemon a new evolution. Bisharp is one of four existing species of Pokemon to receive an extension of their evolutionary line in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. (A fifth, Wooper, evolves into a new form, but only in its Paldean variant.) However, players will need to a bit of extra work to get Bisharp to evolve into its new third form Kingambit. While Dunsparce and Girafarig evolve as soon as it learns a new move, Bisharp only evolves by defeating other Bisharp of its kind....but only specific Bisharp that are holding a specific item. 

In order to evolve a Bisharp, you first need a Leader's Crest, a new Held Item in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet that are held by specific Bisharp that are surrounded by Pawniard. After your Bisharp is holding a Leader's Crest, they must then defeat three other Bisharp that are also carrying a Leader's Crest. Once it does so, Bisharp will evolve into Kingambit. 

Kingambit has fantastic HP, Attack, and Defense, and has a total base stat total of 550, making one of the strongest non-Legendary Pokemon in the game. It also has the Ability Supreme Overlord, which boosts its Attack and Special Attack for every ally in the party that has already been defeated. It also knows the powerful move Kowtow Cleave, a powerful Dark-Type attack that never misses. As a Dark/Steel-type, it has few natural weaknesses, although it's super weak to Fighting-type attacks. 

You can check out Kingambit (along with the rest of the Pawniard evolutionary line) below:


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