Pokemon Eggs Just Got Weirder in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The mystery of Pokemon eggs just got a whole lot weirder in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Earlier today, The Pokemon Company released a new 14-minute trailer showcasing Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the brand new open-world Pokemon games. One new feature of the games are Pokemon Picnics, which are a successor of sorts to the Pokemon Camp from Pokemon Sword and Shield. In addition to playing with your Pokemon, you can also give them baths and feed them sandwiches made of delicious cold-cut meat that may or may not have come from Pokemon. There's a multiplayer aspect to Pokemon Picnics as well, so that other players can enjoy your company as you bathe and feed your Pokemon.

It appears that Pokemon Picnics will also provide a way for trainers to get Pokemon eggs. In past generations, players have left two Pokemon together at a daycare and they will occasionally produce a Pokemon egg in a strange and mysterious way not yet known to Pokemon professors who don't want to explain where baby Pokemon come from to kids. Now, players will occasionally find Pokemon eggs deposited into their picnic baskets. 

Let's be clear – in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you set up a Pokemon Picnic in the remote wilderness, pamper your Pokemon with grooming and hand-prepared sandwiches, and then let them frolic together....and somehow from all that, a Pokemon egg just gets snuck into a picnic basket. And yet we still don't know where Pokemon eggs come from. 

There's still a few mysteries that need to be cleared up with this new method of generating Pokemon eggs. Are all six Pokemon in your team eligible for having an egg or do you select a specific pair of Pokemon to ignore while they do whatever is required to generate a Pokemon egg. Also, how does multiplayer picnics factor into the decision making process? Do I get to choose which Pokemon choose to have a dalliance with my friend's Pokemon? Or should I keep my innocent Pokemon away from my friend's ne'er do well Pokemon if I don't want to face a Lady & The Tramp situation? Somehow, this whole Pokemon egg thing has gotten even more weird, and that's in a franchise that has an unstable glob of Pokemon DNA who is used by millions of players solely for breeding. 


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released on November 18th.