Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Leak Reveals More Pokemon

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet leaks continue to flood the Internet and give Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, and Nintendo Switch OLED users a boatload of unofficial information about the pair of games. Included in the latest wave of information is word of a few returning Pokemon and a few Pokemon that will not be returning. Unfortunately, this information is not accompanied by any media bolstering the claims, so be sure to take everything below with a grain of salt. 

According to the leak, Snover is set to return. Of course, if Snover is going to return, then its evolution, Abomasnow, is probably in the game as well. The former evolves into the latter at level 40, and both are grass/ice Pokemon. The leak also mentions Goodra, which again likely means Groomy and Sligmoo, its two previous forms, are also in the game. The Hisuian form is also mentioned in the leak. The ghost/fairy type Mimikyu is another one name-dropped, as is Magikarp. Of course, if Magikarp is in the game, it means Gyarados will be as well. 

As for the Pokemon not returning, the leak mentions Sharpedo and Smeargle. Of course, any evolutions involved with the pair also won't be in the game if this is the case. Lastly, the Gen 5 starters are mentioned as missing. This would mean Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott and their evolutions won't be present.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are set to release worldwide on November 18. When they release, they will both cost $60 a pop and be available via Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, and Nintendo Switch OLED.

"The newest chapters in the Pokemon series, the Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet games, are coming to the Nintendo Switch system later this year," reads an official blurb about the game. "As the main character, you can explore a wide-open world at your own pace, and can encounter the Legendary Pokemon Koraidon in Pokemon Scarlet and Miraidon in Pokemon Violet. In these games, you'll be able to enjoy the iconic adventures of the Pokemon series, like battling against wild Pokemon and trying to catch them! Choose either Sprigatito, the Grass Cat Pokemon, Fuecoco, the Fire Croc Pokemon, or Quaxly, the Duckling Pokemon to be your first partner Pokemon before setting off on your journey through this new region."

H/T, Centro Leaks.