Pokemon Sword and Shield: How to Get Ash's Sirfetch'd

The Pokemon Company is giving away another member of Ash's Pokemon team. From now until September 8th, Pokemon fans can get Ash's Sirfetch'd by using the code H1SSATSUNEG1 in the Mystery Gift menu of the game. This is a Level 80 Sirfetch'd with the moves Meteor Assault, Brutal Swing, Fury Cutter, and Detect. It also comes with the ability Steadfast, which increases Sirfetch'd's speed whenever it Flinches.

Ash's Sirfetch'd has a long history with Ash, as it was slow to warm up to its trainer and wished only to focus on its training. While Sirfetch'd was a strong Pokemon even when it was a Galarian Farfetch'd, the Pokemon refused to listen to Ash during battles and as a result could not land the critical hits it needed to evolve into a Sirfetch'd. However, Ash and Farfetch'd bonded over time as Ash showed that he would put his Pokemon's safety ahead of his, and that caused Farfetch'd to listen to Ash which caused him to eventually evolve into a Sirfetch'd. Sirfetch'd also has an unlikely friendship with Dracovish, the result of the pair training together. 

The Pokemon Company is giving away Ash's team to celebrate Ash making the World Coronation Masters Tournament to determine the world's top trainer. Ash was able to score a victory over Hoenn champion Steven Stone during the first round and is preparing to face Sinnoh champion Cynthia during the second round. Should Ash win against Cynthia, he'll almost certainly go up against Leon in the finals. Ash's entire story arc during Pokemon Journeys has involved facing down Leon, so it should be an epic battle.

Remember to use your code before September 22nd.