Weird Pokemon Sword and Shield Glitch Lets You Hatch Evolved Pokemon From Eggs

A strange Pokemon Sword and Shield glitch allows players to hatch evolved Pokemon. Players have found glitches and exploits in Pokemon games dating back to Pokemon Red and Blue, when players could get unlimited items by encountering the infamous Missing No. off the shores of Cinnabar Island. Now, players have discovered a new trick in Pokemon Sword and Shield that allows you to evolve a Pokemon or teach it TMs while its still inside the egg. The trick involves leveling up a Pokemon until its one level from evolving. Then, players put an egg containing a Pokemon of that same species directly under the Pokemon in their party. Players can then use a Rare Candy or TM on the "parent" Pokemon and then immediately press and hold down on your control stick, it will cause the egg to evolve instead of the parent Pokemon.


The new glitch requires precise timing, but it can be replicated an unlimited number of times. The only real benefit it has is that it allows players to bypass the gender requirements of certain Pokemon's evolutions. For instance, a player can evolve a male Salandit into Salazzle, which wouldn't otherwise be possible. Of course, that Salazzle wouldn't be a "legal" Pokemon and can't be transferred away from the game or used in competitive play, but it's still an interesting aberration. Otherwise, the glitch doesn't provide any real benefit, unless you like having a Level 1 evolved Pokemon on your team. The glitch also has its limitations - Pokemon with unusual evolutions can't be evolved in their egg through this method.

Now that the glitch is getting a lot of coverage and use, we'll likely see Game Freak fix it when they release their next Pokemon Sword and Shield patch. But in the meantime, you can try out the glitch in your game, provided you have the time and energy to set things up.