Pokemon Sword and Shield Reveal Big Gameplay Feature That Will Save You Lots of Time

Pokemon Sword and Shield on Nintendo Switch have been the most controversial Pokemon games in a long time, and they haven't even released yet. Why? Because they have a few controversial features, and most notably dropped the game's National Pokedex. That said, the pair of games are also adding a ton of great gameplay features that are more user-friendly and bring the series up to par with other modern games. Today, it revealed another example of the latter: a big improvement to storage.

In previous games, Pokemon players had to go all the way to the closest Pokemon Center and access its terminal if they wanted to interact with their boxes full of stored Pokemon. Sword and Shield are changing this. Today, Nintendo announced that no longer will players have to make this tedious trek, and will virtually be able to access their stored Pokemon wherever and whenever they want, which in turn should save players a lot of time. Alongside this feature, Nintendo and Game Freak also announced there will be an autosave option, but we already knew this.

Of course, this isn't a game-changing feature, but these are the type of quality-of-life features that, when added together, really do go a long way. Further, they are long overdue, so it's good to see Game Freak finally making some much needed changes to its aging formula.

As you would expect, not every player is happy with news of the feature, with some saying it makes the games too easy. That said, the game actually doesn't force you to use the feature. So, if you prefer the old style of accessing storage, you can continue to play this way. That's the beauty of options. Of course, there also wasn't any challenge to this feature in the first place. It was simply tedious.


Pokemon Sword and Shield will be available on November 15 via the Nintendo Switch. For more news, rumors, leaks, media, and information on the pair of games, be sure to peep all of our previous and extensive coverage of the title by clicking right here.