Pokemon TCG Announces VMAX Cards, Releases First Sword & Shield Set Details

VMAX cards are coming to the Pokemon Trading Card Game. Earlier today, the Pokemon Company officially revealed Sword & Shield, the first set of the Pokemon TCG's new Sword & Shield series. Not only will Sword & Shield introduce over 50 new Pokemon from the Pokemon Sword and Shield games, it'll also introduce two new types of cards: Pokemon V cards and VMAX cards. Pokemon V cards appear to be similar to the Pokemon-EX and Pokemon-GX cards used in past series. These cards are a bit more powerful than standard Pokemon cards and players can earn two Prize cards when they knock out a Pokemon V card. However, players can also evolve Pokemon V cards into VMAX cards, which represent Dynamaxed and Gigantamaxed Pokemon.

The first Sword & Shield set will have four VMAX cards, including Lapras V-Max and Snorlax V-Max, as well as 17 Pokemon V cards. Notably, some of the Pokemon V cards used in Sword & Shield include Pokemon not currently available in Pokemon Sun and Moon, including Tapu Koko and Celebi. This should come to a relief to Pokemon fans, as it means that the Pokemon TCG will continue to use Pokemon not included in current Pokemon games.

Other cards in Sword & Shield include the three Starter Pokemon from Pokemon Sword and Shield and their evolutions, the Galarian version of Ponyta, and new Pokemon like Indeedee and Stonjourner. The set will also include 12 Full Art Pokemon V cards, 35 trainer cards, and a Special Energy Card.


Players looking to get their hands on a VMAX card early can also purchase the Meowth VMAX Special Collection box, which comes out on January 3rd. This box contains both a Meowth-V card and a Meowth VMAX card along with an oversized Meowth VMAX card and five booster packs.

The Pokemon TCG Sword & Shield set will be released on February 7, 2020.