Pokemon Appeals to Hipsters in Bizarre New Card Commercial

A strange new Pokemon commercial is appealing to the millennial demographic...we think.

Over the weekend, The Pokemon Company International released a new commercial in Japan promoting the new expansion for the Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG). The commercial shows several trendy twenty-somethings using their new Pokemon cards as if they were smart phones.

One girl dances with a Pokemon card, while another group stares at a card as if they're taking a selfie. One man even repeatedly tries to catch his Pokemon card's attention by shouting "Hey Eevee!" several times. The most hilarious part of the commercial is when a woman emerges from a pool and pulls out her Piplup card...which is in a waterproof case. The commercial ends by driving its point home when a man leaves his smartphone behind in favor for a Pokemon card deck.

We're pretty sure that the point of the commercial is that the Pokemon TCG is fun, can be played just about anywhere, and doesn't require a battery. And while the main demographic for Pokemon cards are kids, there's a sizable contingent of adults who play the game too.


Many college campuses have Pokemon Card clubs and many game stores have weekly "Pokemon Leagues" that features players for all ages. In fact, several of the Pokemon League events we've attended has a lot more adults than there are children...even if the bulk of those adults are still college-aged or just out of college.

We may even see this commercial appear in the United States in a few months, as the commercial prominently features some of the new cards that will appear in the upcoming "Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon" expansion that comes out in early 2018. Hopefully, we'll see the Pokemon TCG reach out to older demographics more. After all, Pokemon isn't just for kids.