Pokemon TCG Releases Special Futsal-Themed Cards in the UK

futsal header
(Photo: Pokemon)

The Pokemon Trading Card Game is releasing a series of special Pokemon cards in the United Kingdom. Starting tomorrow, UK fans can pick up a special "Eevee on the Ball" promo card when they purchase 15 pounds worth of Pokemon TCG product at GAME stores. The card shows Eevee kicking a futsal ball, which resembles a soccer ball, but slightly smaller. Futsal is an indoor version of soccer played with five players on a team, with players able to use the walls to dribble and pass to teammates. While very popular in South America, futsal is growing in popularity in the UK as well.

Three more promo cards will be released through GAME distributions over the next few weeks, and futsal teams that sign up for the Pokemon Youth Futsal Programme will also get a special fifth Pikachu promo card. The promo cards are a partnership between the Pokemon Company and the England Football Association, with an aim to promote Youth Futsal.

The new promo cards are unusual because they're exclusive to the UK. While Japan and the US receive special promo sets on occasion, it's incredibly strange for somewhere like the UK to get a promo set...especially a promo set meant to promote a totally different hobby. But, since Pokemon Sword and Shield borrows liberally from English football culture (with Pokemon matches taking place in huge stadiums and competitors wearing soccer kit-like uniforms), it actually makes a ton of sense. We're guessing that the remaining three cards will feature the Galar starter Pokemon, especially Scorbunny, who has a love of kicking balls and eventually evolves into a soccer ace.

Since these cards are only available in the UK, we could see them becoming highly sought after cards by collectors. The Pikachu card in particular will likely be a hot commodity as it's only available through non-public means.