Pokemon TCG Brings Back Lost Mechanic in Next Expansion

The Pokemon Trading Card Game will bring back the Lost Zone in its next expansion. Earlier today, The Pokemon Company announced Sword & Shield—Lost Origin, a new card expansion that will be released in September 2022. The new expansion will bring back the Lost Zone, a mechanic that gives each players a secondary discard pile. Cards that are placed into the Lost Zone can't be retrieved like they would from a normal discard pile. However, certain cards have abilities that are fueled by the amount of cards in the Lost Zone and can even provide an alternate win condition. Cards that utilize the Lost Zone in Lost Origin will have a "shadowy aura" emanating from its artwork. 

The Lost Zone acts as an equivalent to the Distortion World, the area where Giratina lives. The Lost Zone was previously introduced during the Platinum era of the Pokemon Trading Card Game. It's an interesting mechanic that still sees use in Unlimited format. It'll be interesting to see how many of the Lost Origin cards utilize the Lost Zone and how the Lost Zone will fuel card abilities. 

Additionally, Lost Origin will include three new Radiant Pokemon, six Pokemon VSTAR cards, 14 Pokemon V cards, one Pokemon VMAX cards, and 30 Pokemon cards with Trainer Gallery artwork. The set will also introduce several new Hisuian Pokemon, including Hisuian Zoroark and Hisuian Goodra. Obviously, the set will also feature Giratina as a mascot Pokemon. 

Sword & Shield—Lost Origin will likely be one of the last two Pokemon card sets of the Sword & Shield era. Typically, the Pokemon Trading Card Game switches to a new card set with the release of a new set of Pokemon games. With Pokemon Scarlet and Violet coming out in November, it's widely expected that 2023 will see the Pokemon Trading Card Game switch over to the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet set. 

Sword & Shield—Lost Origin will be released on September 9th.