Pokemon Fans Are In Love With "New Pokemon" Found on Trading Card

Pokemon fans have found a new favorite Pokemon, one that doesn't even exist within the game. Earlier this week, The Pokemon Company released images of several new "Character" alternate art cards for their newest card set "Dark Phantasma," which will be released in Japan this week. One of the new cards inadvertently started a fan campaign for a brand new Pokemon, even though that Pokemon doesn't actually exist. 

Fans are reacting to the Pokemon card seen below, which shows a Spiritomb in the Hisui region. The artwork shows several of the 108 wisps players have to collect in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, including one wisp that appears behind the Dark energy cost for one of the Pokemon card's moves. Because of how the two Dark energy symbols appear right over the wisp, players have jokingly said that the card depicts a "brand new" Pokemon. You can check out the card below. 

(Photo: Pokemon)

 As shown in the comments to Pokemon reporter Joe Merrick's tweet about the cards, many people are loving the inadvertently created Pokemon's design, with at least a couple of players dubbing the little big-eyed wisp "Spiritiny". 

While fans might be losing it over this goofy bit of Pokemon card art, it's likely that we won't see any actual new Pokemon reveals for at least another month. While The Pokemon Company is gearing up to release Pokemon Scarlet and Violet later this year, the traditional marketing cycle indicates that we won't get specific news about those games until June at the earliest. And while The Pokemon Company has occasionally added Baby Pokemon as pre-evolutions to existing Pokemon lines, the general rarity of Spiritomb and its Ghost-typing makes it very unlikely that we'll see it get any sort of evolution. 


Still, obsessing over a Pokemon that never was is a fun way to spend a few hours, at least during this period of relatively slow Pokemon news. Let us know if you'd want to see Spiritomb get a pre-evolution in the comment section!