Pokemon Trading Card Game Announces Next Expansion

The next expansion of the Pokemon Trading Card Game will be released in May. The new expansion, Sword & Shield - Rebel Clash, will add 16 new Pokemon V cards like Dubwool V and Boltund V and 7 Pokemon VMAX cards, including the Gigantamax-inspired Toxtricity VMAX card. Also included in the set are brand new Pokemon V cards featuring the final evolutions of the Galar Starter Pokemon, and non-V card versions of Legendary Pokemon Zacian and Zamazenta. Sword & Shield - Rebel Clash will also have 15 Trainer cards, four full-art Supporter cards, and four Special Energy cards. The new expansion is the second set in the Sword & Shield series of cards, which launched earlier this month.

As with other Pokemon Trading Card Game expansions, the new set will be supported by a full line of products, including booster packs, theme decks, and an Elite Trainer Box. Pokemon TCG players will also have the opportunity to get their hands on the new set early by participating in prerelease tournaments at local game stores between April 18th and April 26th.

The Sword & Shield series has made several big changes to the Pokemon Trading Card Game, eliminating Fairy-type cards and tweaking several other rules. One notable change is that players who go first can no longer play a Supporter card on their first turn, thus removing a traditional advantage to making the first move. The new series also adds Pokemon V and Pokemon VMAX cards, powerful new cards that act similarly to Pokemon-EX and Pokemon-GX cards from past sets. While Pokemon VMAX cards have a ton of HP, opponents take three prize cards when they're defeated, making them a high risk/high reward sort of card.


The Sword & Shield - Rebel Clash expansion will be released on May 1st.