Peek Inside A Poke Ball With These Officially Licensed Pokemon Terrariums

Are we witnessing what it’s actually like inside a Poke Ball? These Pokemon terrariums are [...]

Are we witnessing what it's actually like inside a Poke Ball? These Pokemon terrariums are officially licensed after all. By the looks of things, Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Snorlax, and Eevee have a pretty comfortable situation here, so you can sleep soundly in the knowledge that they aren't suffering in some dark prison.

(Photo: Re-Ment)

They come from Japanese toymaker Re-Ment and, according to SN24, they're currently on sale in convenience stores, grocery stores, toy shops, and bookstores across Japan for only 750 yen ($6.80 US). Each terrarium even comes with a piece of grape-flavored chewing gum! That's quite a deal if you ask me.

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The concept of a Pokemon Poke Ball terrarium is nothing new however. Etsy sellers like AVioletAccord and TheVintageRealm popularized the idea. Another Etsy seller, CrystalPokeballs, imagines the Pokemon as a form of energy inside the Poke Ball (awesome, certainly - but I prefer the tranquil terrarium style).

The versions from Etsy are larger and more elaborate than the official options from Re-Ment (their version measures 2.8 inches in diameter), not to mention significantly more expensive and made to order. The official Pokemon terrariums are mass produced and you can already find them on eBay. It actually might be easier to get the entire set this way, as the terrariums are blind boxed.