Rumor: Universal Studios Orlando Could Be Getting a Pokemon Park Attraction


We know that Universal Studios is already in for some pretty big changes over the next couple of years, since we'll be getting a Super Nintendo World that will introduce Mario, Donkey Kong and the gang to a real-life theme park. But that could be just the beginning, as we're hearing rumors that a huge Pokémon attraction will be added as well.

A report from WFTV indicates that Universal Studios Orlando is about to become even bigger with the addition of a Pokémon Park-themed exhibit. The station's news anchor, Jamie Holmes, alongside Theme Park University blogger Josh Young, spoke to "numerous sources" that have suggested that the multi-billion dollar franchise will indeed make its way to Universal's tourist attraction.

Apparently, according to the report, the Pokémon attraction will be added to the KidZone section of Universal, where fans can currently find the likes of Woody Woodpecker and Barney the dinosaur. No word yet if those characters will be moved, or if Pokémon will simply become part of that area.

Originally, Universal had plans to make that area into part of the Super Nintendo World that was previously announced, but now it appears that this will now be moved across the street, to a 400 acre spot right across the way from Universal, near Kirkman Avenue. This exhibit is set to feature a Donkey Kong-themed roller coaster, along with a Mario Kart-style multiplayer ride.

As far as Pokémon goes, it's going to find wider distribution amongst Universal's properties, since it has a pretty solid deal with Nintendo in place and wants to make it a huge part of said properties, just like it's done with Harry Potterin the past.


That said, fans would probably be waiting a while. Universal already has a number of exhibits lined up to open well before Pokémon, including a Fast and Furious ride this year and a Harry Potter-themed roller coaster in 2019. As a result, we probably won't see the Pokémon park until sometime in 2020 – the same time that Super Nintendo World will likely open up.

Universal hasn't said a word about any of this development, but will likely make an announcement as the attractions get closer to opening up. Fingers crossed that we'll be able to catch 'em all soon enough!