Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Beta Gets Updated, Here's What's New

The third day of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare beta is underway as a fresh wave of PlayStation 4 owners will enter the fray. Saturday marks the day when those who didn’t pre-order the game can play in the beta, so expect the servers to be filled with more players and the matches easy to find. Joining today’s beta session with those new players are more maps like night versions of existing options as well as a minimap and a higher level cap.

Infinity Ward returned on Saturday with another update for the game’s beta to announce that it’s now up for any PlayStation 4 owner to take part in. The update reminded players that the beta is now free for anyone on Sony’s console and that PlayStation Plus is only required in some areas before moving onto the biggest changes in place now.

Outlined below courtesy of Infinity Ward’s update on day three, you can find everything you should expect from Saturday’s beta. Expect to see some dark versions of the game’s maps and take note of the featured playlists which have also been adjusted.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Beta Day Three

  • Maps/Modes:
    • TDM: Azhir Cave (Day), Hackney Yard (Day), Gun Runner
    • DOM: Azhir Cave (Day), Hackney Yard (Day), Gun Runner
    • HQ: Azhir Cave (Day), Hackney Yard (Day), Gun Runner
    • HQ: 10v10 Grazna Raid
    • DOM: 10v10 Grazna Raid
  • Playlists:
    • Featured Playlist: Cyber Attack - Azhir Cave (Day), Hackney Yard (Day), Gun Runner, Grazna Raid
    • Featured Playlist: NVG - Azhir Cave (Night), Hackney Yard (Night) - TDM, DOM, HQ
  • Additional Intel:
    • Level cap is now increased to 20
    • Minimap is now on (will not display enemy fire)
    • The game mode selection filter will now be unlocked

The increased level cap will be a welcome change for anyone who’s been putting some serious time into the first two days of the beta and had already reached the max level by the time other players joined. This’ll also be the first opportunity that most people have to experience the game’s maps in their night modes, a different take on the traditional experience where everything is bathed in shadows and the glow of night vision goggles.

Another notable change is the minimap which has been added, a feature which players requested after its absence in days one and two. It’s still subject to change since Infinity Ward is experimenting with it, but the early sentiment from players now that it’s there seems to be positive.

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