PlayStation Shutting Down Servers for PS4 Exclusive Today

Today, Sony Interactive Entertainment is shutting down the servers of a once popular PS4 game let down by its numerous delays and boatload of bugs and performance issues at launch. More specifically, today you will no longer be able to play Driveclub or its two spin-off games, Driveclub Bikes, and Driveclub VR, because the servers of all three are going down. As you may remember, the trio of games were removed for sale from the PlayStation Store back in August in anticipation of the servers going offline on the last day of March.

With the servers down forever, all online features are now obsolete. This includes every online multiplayer mode, but you will still be able to play the game's offline, single-player modes, if you own the game already. At the moment of publishing, it's unclear if Sony plans on adding the game back to the PlayStation Store for a heavily discounted price so players can enjoy the game offline.

As a result of the servers going offline, the Platinum Trophy is now impossible to get, because there are trophies attached to playing online, quite a few in fact.

As you may know, Driveclub was originally planned to be a PS4 launch title. And it was one many were excited for. But this didn't happen. The game didn't release until October 2014, and despite the delay, it was a mess at launch. Not only was it suffering a huge slab of performance issues, but it was very buggy and in certain regards, incomplete. Making matters worse is the fact it took awhile to fix. And this is a shame, because after all the fixes were dished out the game turned out to be quite a competent racing sim. In fact, many claim it's one of the most underrated games of the generation.


What made the situation even more tragic is that it wound up killing the studio who made it, Evolution Studios. Not long after the fiasco, Sony shut down the British studio, leaving roughly 60 employees without a job.

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