New PS5 Video Shows Off The Console's Fast Loading Times

Today during its 2019 Corporate Strategy Meeting, Sony talked about its strategy for gaming going forward, which obviously meant it brought up its next-gen console that will presumably be referred to as the PlayStation 5. According to Sony, the "two keywords for the future direction of Playstation are 'immersive' and 'seamless.'"

Sony notes that it will build towards this vision by "dramatically increased graphics rendering speeds," which will be achieved through the systems improved computational power and a custom "ultra-fast" SSD. Sony also notes that streaming will be an integral part of the future of PlayStation via the evolution of Remote Play and PlayStation Now. Combined, the goal of Sony is to provide a seamless game experience that can be achieved. anywhere, anytime.

"PlayStation Now provides immersive game experiences to users regardless of whether they own a PS4 console at all," said Sony." Meanwhile, PlayStation's commitment to being "The Best Place to Play" will be realized "by leveraging the latest computing, streaming, cloud, and 5G technologies, together with excellent content on the development of cloud solutions, including game streaming services."

For those that missed it: earlier this week Sony and Microsoft announced a new collaboration, which you read more about by clicking right here.

But that's not all the Corporate Strategy Meeting featured. Sony also showed off a video showing the performance of the PS5 compared to the PS4 Pro. And as you can see in the video below featuring Marvel's Spider Man, the PS5 boasts much faster loading times and is able to load the game much faster, which means in this case, Spider-Man could swing a whole lot faster if he wanted.


Of course, this video isn't meant to demonstrate the power of the PS5 in its entirety, but just how quicker the system loads a game up and loads assets and environments.

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