'PUBG' Pro Gets Temporarily Banned After Landing a Long-Distance Kill

A professional PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds player landed a kill that got him banned for 24 hours because the game’s anti-cheat system thought something was amiss.

Yannick "ynck" Metzger, a pro player who is part of Team Vitality, was having an impressive high-kill game recently where he and his team scored 32 kills during one match. One of those kills made him and his teammates stop and appreciate the skillful takedown when he sniped someone from 892m away with an M24, that kill seen in the Twitch clip below.

The kill also caught the attention of the game’s anti-cheat system as well with Metzger receiving a notification afterwards that said he’d been temporarily banned “due to unusual gameplay patterns. His ban would’ve removed him from the game for only a day, but he returned not long after the ban was issued to say that it’d already been reversed after a Valve Anti-Cheat System alert said a mistake had been made and that the false ban had been removed.

A perfect opportunity to promote its team and players, the Team Vitality Twitter account shared the same video as the one shown in the Twitch clip above and said it’s sometimes “risky to be too good at a game” and joked that the anti-cheat system obviously didn’t care much for his long-distance kill.


Metzger and his teammates secured other impressive kills during the game, so it’s not hard to imagine that they would’ve been reported multiple times by salty enemies who thought they’d somehow been unfairly eliminated. With so many kills in one game, many of them hit from long distances, the game’s anti-cheat system probably kicked in when those kills were coupled with the reports players likely filed against them.

Team Vitality and other professional PUBG teams can be seen playing against each other here during the OSL EU PUBG Invitational