Punch-Out!! Inspired Pato Box Coming To Nintendo Switch

While the Nintendo Switch doesn’t have a version of Punch-Out!! to call its own – at least, [...]

While the Nintendo Switch doesn't have a version of Punch-Out!! to call its own – at least, not yet – the developers at Bromio are stepping up with a unique boxing game that's coming to the platform.

Pato Box, which is also coming to Steam, has you playing as Patobox, a boxing champion that, for some strange reason, has a duck's head attached to a human's body. You're on a mission of vengeance, and that means facing off against some imaginative opponents and unheard-of challenges.

The game will be playable at this weekend's PAX South event in San Antonio, and you can watch its debut trailer above. It's…definitely out there.

Here's the lowdown, straight from the Steam Greenlight page:


Pato Box is an adventure and fighting game inspired by the Punch-Out!! series, taking place in the building of a corrupted corporation.

You play as Patobox, a boxing champion with a special distinction of having a duck's head in a man's body. He has been betrayed by members of Deathflock, the same company that has been sponsoring him during his career. Patobox will find retribution by finding Deathflock's henchmen while discovering the dark secrets the company hides and the truth behind his treason one fight at a time.

Dive through Deathflock's building, explore and encounter a series of intense fights that will test your reflexes and awareness while Patobox's story reveals itself.

Key Features

  • Innovative visual proposal inspired by the style of graphic novels.
  • Original artwork fights mixed with a 3D world environment that feels just as if you were inside Patobox's graphic novel.
  • While you explore the world of Patobox in unique areas with traps and minigames, a story filled with mystery, flutter and tension will unfold.
  • Using boxing techniques find and fight 7 different bosses with unique abilities and mechanics.
  • Hidden collectables to expand the story, unlock "hard mode" and test the player's abilities.


Pato Box has a strong reminiscence to Super Punch-Out!! gameplay, intense fights with interesting characters and the need to replay the fights until you get the correct attack patterns of the enemies. However, the similarities end there: Pato Box proposes exploration as a fundamental part of the gameplay between fights. In these sections, you will have to find your way through Deathflock's headquarters while solving complex puzzles and mini games. During the whole game you will control Patobox from a third-person perspective, the only difference between exploration and combat is that in the earlier you will be able to move Patobox through 3D environments.


  • Dodge, block and perform lower or upper attacks to defeat your enemies.
  • Be aware of your enemy moves to detect cues of their next attack.
  • Enemies with different attack patterns and mechanics to defeat them.


  • Hunt down Deathflock's henchmen trough 3D environments.
  • Find information about the organization and its members as well as clues to discover the truth behind the treason on Patobox.
  • Puzzles and mini games to progress through Deathflock's headquarters.
  • Interactive dialogues.