'Rage 2' Director Promises a Better Ending Than Last Time

Despite the massive amount of hype surrounding Rage 2, there is still a big elephant in the room [...]

Despite the massive amount of hype surrounding Rage 2, there is still a big elephant in the room regarding the franchise. Though the first title had its appeal, overall it was received as lackluster and one dimensional. With everything we've seen thus far of the sequel, Rage 2 will be anything but. Even still, the director wants to reassure fans that they know what to do about the narrative this time around.

Game Director Magnus Nedfors recently sat down with the folks over at Game Informer to talk about the upcoming game and what went wrong with the first one. "The main story of the game has a good ending with closure," Nedors told the site. "Once you finish the main story, you're allowed to continue on and explore the open world. It will continue to exist as a state and you can gather money and become more powerful [during the post-game]. So many people who play open-world game are completionists and want to keep on playing, so we'll keep the world open."

With the vast open-world seen in the trailer above that made its debut during The Game Awards, it is understandable that the worry of a repeat performance would be there. Judging solely off of what we've seen compared to the first release, it looks like the studio has learned its lesson.

Rage 2 promises a detailed story with tons of action jammed in. The sequel is slated for a May 14th release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

For more about the game:

"An asteroid has annihilated 80% of the earth's population, and humanity's numbers are dwindling. Ruthless and bloodthirsty gangs roam the open roads and the tyrannical Authority seek to rule with an iron fist," Bethesda said about Rage 2. "As Walker, the last Ranger of the wasteland and a threat to their power, you have been robbed of your home and left for dead. Now you'll have to rage for justice and freedom. With ludicrous vehicle combat, super-powered first-person mayhem, and an open world full of emergent madness, you will tear across an unforgiving wasteland battling sadistic gangs to find the tools and tech needed to crush the oppressive rule of The Authority once and for all."

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