Rainbow Six Siege Devs Have "No Regrets" When It Comes to Toxic Bans

Online gaming and hacking seems to be synonymous and unfortunately, Ubisoft's Rainbow Six Siege isn't exempt from that. Neither is the use of slurs and hate speech to random players enjoying the title. The team behind the wildly popular online experience continue to detail their plans on how to deal with in-game cheaters, and now Ubisoft is stating exactly how they feel about their record-breaking bans. Short version? Absolutely no regrets.

When speaking to the lovely folks over at PC Gamer, Brand Director Alexandre Remy had quite a bit to say about their philosophy on toxic behavior in the online gaming culture.

"The ban system is going strong, actually, and we feel very strongly about the system," Remy told the site during a recent interview. "That system is going to be evolving too. Today, the system means that any player that uses homophobic or racial slurs in our chat will automatically receive a temporary ban. After three temporary bans you get permanently banned.

"That is a very, very strong stance from Ubisoft and from the game about how we want to deal with toxicity in the game. That feature will evolve as we develop in the future, we plan to add filtering systems to stop those words even showing up at all in the chat, so it's going to be a little more flexible."

A part of the reason behind such swift action is the passion they have for this game and the love they have for the community. It's because of this that Remy also addressed player concern that this somehow infringes on free speech:

"There's a saying that goes something along the lines of 'your freedom ends where mine begins'. To us, it's not a question of freedom or equality, it's a question of respect. Behaving in a respectful way, I believe, is not a requirement that's beyond humanity. Respect is all we are asking for. I believe that with those measures that we're putting in place, we are exactly on the right path of making a community, as much as possible, that's respectful of one another."

What are your thoughts on Ubisoft's take on Toxicity? Blizzard's harsher approach seems to be working miracles, maybe it can do the same for Ubisoft. Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below!


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