Rainbow Six Siege Reveals Two New Operators

The full details of Rainbow Six Siege’s latest Operation have been fully revealed, and we now know what the latest two Operators are capable of. An Attacker named Kali and a Defender named Wamai are joining the game after some time on the test servers, and just as Ubisoft previewed before, they’ve got gadgets that harness both ingenuity and brute force to give players more creative options when dealing with threats.

Rainbow Six Siege’s latest trailer shown above gives players their best look yet at the two new Operators. We see Kali’s loadout first with the Attacker sporting a high-powered bolt-action sniper rifle, the first of its kind in Siege.

Attached to that rifle is the LV Explosive Lance, a gadget that’s been previewed before in Ubisoft’s “research” teasers. As if a bolt-action sniper rifle wasn’t already powerful enough, this attachment lets Kali literally blow holes in walls and other obstructions. Needless to say, it’s devastating if it hits another person.

“Its role is to destroy gadgets with a light explosion within a set radius,” Ubisoft said about the rifle’s gadget. “When used on a breakable wall, it will create a hole slightly smaller than what the sniper rifle would do. When shot at a reinforced wall, however, it simply lodges in surface. In either case, it destroys all gadgets on both sides of breakable and reinforced surfaces. This makes it especially effective when played in tandem with a hard breach Operator like Thermite or Hibana.”

Joining Kali in Siege is Wamai, a Defender who uses magnets to intercept projectiles from Attackers. This Operator’s gadget is called the Mag-NET System, and when place on a surface, it sucks in nearby grenades and gadgets that are used by Attackers within its vicinity.


“The Mag-NET System is a thrown, adhesive gadget,” Ubisoft said about Wamai’s gadget. “It sticks to surfaces and waits. Its function is to attract an opponent’s projectile to its position, and then self-destruct to detonate that projectile. This way, not only can Wamai make Attackers’ grenades and projectile gadgets useless, he can also use strategic placement to turn those projectiles against them. There’s nothing quite like a commandeered stun or frag grenade to turn the tide in Wamai’s favor.”

Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Shifting Sides is currently on the test servers ahead of its live release.

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