Rainbow Six Siege Reveals New Operator and Season Release Date

Heavy Mettle comes to Rainbow Six Siege on August 29.

Ubisoft has today announced the release date for Year 8, Season 3 of Rainbow Six Siege alongside unveiling the multiplayer shooter's next playable Operator. Despite launching all the way back in 2015, Siege continues to be a powerhouse for Ubisoft and is a game that the publisher continues to support in a major way. Now, that support will be evolving in a major way at the end of this month when Heavy Mettle, the title of the game's next season, will go live. 

Releasing on August 29, Heavy Mettle will bring a vast number of changes to all platforms that Rainbow Six Siege is available on. Likely the biggest new feature is that of Ram, who is a new attacker Operator coming to Siege. Ram comes equipped with a mini-tank that can destroy various environmental components that can create new avenues for team members to get the drop on opposing players. 

"Operation Heavy Mettle amps up the anticipation with new Attacker Ram and her BU-GI Auto-Breacher gadget," Ubisoft said in an accompanying press release. "With an automated tank, Ram can take on the competition by destroying walls, floors, and other elements to offer new vantage points. One tank can shake up players' strategies by destroying their gadgets and any soft surfaces in its path. Ram is a one speed, three health Operator, and her loadout features a R4C or an LMG-E as a primary weapon and a MK1 or an ITA12S as a secondary weapon."

Outside of Ram, Heavy Mettle will also be making a variety of other tweaks to the core Rainbow Six Siege experience. Specifically, Ubisoft will be pushing out a rework for how Quick Match operates alongside redesigning the game's Ranked component. To go along with all of this, Ubisoft is also set to make a ton of balance changes. These overhauls will culminate in a rework of Frost that is said to be released in the latter part of the season. 

What do you think about Heavy Mettle based on everything that Ubisoft has detailed so far? And will you be jumping into Rainbow Six Siege for yourself at the end of this month with Y8S3 goes live? Let me know either down in the comments or reach out to me on Twitter at @MooreMan12