Rainbow Six Siege Update Adjusts the Surrender System

Ubisoft released a new Rainbow Six Siege update earlier in the week that adjusted the surrender [...]

Ubisoft released a new Rainbow Six Siege update earlier in the week that adjusted the surrender system in place that allows players to call it quits early. The adjustments aren't huge ones, but they do make it so that the teams that want to quit must achieve a unanimous vote to do so. You can also still only surrender once the third round has begin, so anyone who has a bad round to start a match will have to stick around to at least try before they can surrender.

The update for Rainbow Six Siege is currently on the test servers, so it's not live yet for everyone. Those who have been active on those testing grounds will have had a chance to try out the updated surrender system by now. For those who haven't, Ubisoft shared the patch notes for the surrender changes to show how the tweaked system works.


  • Surrender now requires a unanimous vote.
  • Surrender feature is now only available if the team is currently losing in rounds
  • Surrender is still only available starting with the 3rd round

While that's the only notable change that earned its own section in the patch notes, there are some other parts of the update to take note of if there's a bug that's been frustrating you. A series of bugs were fixed in the update, all of those seen below.

Bug Fixes

  • FIXED – Players can sometimes lose functionality in the Operators tab after equipping an elite and returning too quickly to main menu.
  • FIXED – Pixel LOS behind on Clubhouse in B Church.
  • FIXED – Players can get stuck in the leaning position after ADSing when Lean to Hold is on
  • FIXED – Sealed window in Prep Room on Kafe can allow damage propagation from explosions.
  • FIXED – Goyo's Volcan shield clips with operators when forcing collision with the shield while prone between the shield and other props/walls.
  • FIXED – Goyo can complete deployment of his Volcan shield before gauge bar has completed.
  • FIXED – A spot in Construction Site on Kanal will show a death timer if players enter it.
  • FIXED – Alibi's Prisma animation outline remains after players collide with it.
  • FIXED – When Operators go prone against a wall, the animation SFX can loop multiple times.
  • FIXED – LOD visual issues on Kanal in B Kayaks.
  • FIXED – Ash's breaching round is not destroyed when used on barbed wire with an active Bandit Battery.
  • FIXED – Drones float for a few seconds after jumping on a wall or a doorway.

Rainbow Six Siege's update is now on the test servers for those who want to try it out.