Rainbow Six Siege Update Brings Back Popular Arcade Mode

Rainbow Six Siege has brought back a limited-time mode for players to take part in that’s only going to be sticking around for a couple of days. This game mode housed in the Arcade playlist is called Golden Gun 2.0 and is a newer version of the original Golden Gun mode released in March 2020 that was the first Arena mode of its kind. The stakes are high in this mode, though some Operators have been disabled in the playlist to keep things fair.

For those who never played Golden Gun when it was first around, the redone version of the mode keeps the same core gameplay experience by arming players with a unique weapon. That weapon itself is called the Golden Gun 2.0, and when players use it, every shot they land is an instant kill that’ll immediately eliminate an Operator. The catch with the weapon is that it can only hold one bullet at a time which means you have to reload after every shot, so if you don’t hit your first insta-kill shot, you may not get a chance at a second.

To make things fair, players won’t be able to play as Mira, Goyo, or Amaru nor will they be able to use any deployable shields. Everyone and everything else is fair game though, and players will still have gadgets and melee weapons as their disposals if the golden bullets can’t get the job done on their own.

Once you’ve gotten a few Golden Gun 2.0 games under your belt and think you’ve earned it, you can also look to get the Extravagance skin that’s going to be around for a limited time. This flashy gold weapon for the D-50 can be purchased with either 12,500 Renown or 360 R6 Credits, Ubisoft said, but it’s not going to be around for forever. Like the game mode itself, it’ll be available until October 5th at which point both of them will be removed.

The event is a pretty straightforward one with no other purchases to make or requirements to meet, so be sure to try out the mode and get the skin if you want it while both are still around for the next couple of days.