16 'Ready Player One' Trailer Easter Eggs You May Have Missed

(Photo: DreamWorks/Amblin)

The all-new trailer for Ready Player One hit the internet today during a live Q&A session with franchise creator Ernie Cline, and it is chock full of recognizable Easter eggs. The movie, based on Cline's 2011 novel, is actually about Easter eggs: the creator of OASIS, a virtual universe, has passed away, and whoever finds a special Easter egg that he's left inside of the world will be given control of it all. Not exactly the best way to govern your virtual economy, but hey, it's fiction.

The novel is packed with mentions of famous films, video games, comics and other pop culture franchises, and thanks primarily to director Steven Spielberg, the movie has managed to retain (or replace) many of them. We've put together a list of every Easter egg we spotted during the trailer, which, unfortunately, does not include the one that protagonist Wade Wyatt will need to find before the bad guys do. Check it out below:

The DeLorean

(Photo: DreamWorks/Amblin)

A replica of Doc Brown's invention (no working flux capacitor, according to the book) from Back to the Future is set to play a pretty big part in the film as Wade's personal vehicle, so it's no surprise that we see it pretty often in the trailer.


(Photo: DreamWorks/Amblin)

The first of a few Street Fighter cameos to be expected, Ryu is seen walking among a crowd of cars in a wide shot, which also contains...

The Adam West-Era Batmobile

Part of a large shot that is likely filled with even more legendary cars, the classic Batmobile sits in traffic in the trailer, not far from...

The Mach 5

Speed Racer's preferred method of transportation seems pretty 'stuck' as well.

Kaneda's Bike

(Photo: DreamWorks/Amblin)

Or, given the lack of gritty sticker decor, a replica of it. One of the absolute coolest bikes to ever exist inside and outside of animation, the sleek red motorcycle that most memorably belonged to Shotaro Kaneda from AKIRA plays a huge part in the trailer. This writer wouldn't be surprised if we end up seeing a remake of the iconic drifting shot from AKIRA, which has been paid homage to countless times in media ever since.

Harley Quinn & The Joker

(Photo: DreamWorks/Amblin)

Even in OASIS, Harley's stuck with this joker. They're rocking Arkham-inspired looks, and seem to be taking the night off in some club, which features quite a few unexpected cameos.


(Photo: DreamWorks/Amblin)

Another Street Fighter cameo shows Blanka in a far more relaxed setting than we're used to catching him in. Awww.

The Iron Giant

Cline's love for The Iron Giant is not a secret, and fans have been given a look at the big guy already, so this wasn't the biggest reveal, but it was still pretty nice to see.

King Kong

(Photo: DreamWorks/Amblin)

Taking a big old leap of faith off of a building, King Kong is a recognizable addition that pays tribute to one of the early cornerstones of pop culture.


(Photo: DreamWorks/Amblin)

One of the many recognizable faces from the Overwatch roster, Tracer is something of a surprise addition to many - she didn't really exist when the book came out, but she looks right at home next to another iconic video game heroine.


Always ready to fight for justice, Chun-Li from Street Fighter makes her debut next to Tracer as they get ready to lay down some new laws. Not enough butt-kickin' girl power for you? There's one other video game icon in this shot you might recognize...

Lara Croft

In her classic turquoise top and old school gear, Lara may be a little underdressed for the battle, but we're pretty sure that feeling the actual temperature in OASIS is sort of just something one can opt out of.


One can only guess that Chucky is joining the fray for sinister purposes, but even this freakish little horror legend has his moments. Chucky is seen pinning a kick off into someone's face in the trailer.


(Photo: DreamWorks/Amblin)

The toughest game breeds the toughest warriors, so Wade better count his chickens and be glad that it looks like the Battletoads are on his side.

It's a Gundam!

(Photo: DreamWorks/Amblin)

Specifically, the RX-78-2. Primarily piloted by Amuro Ray, this Gundam was best known for being the O.G. in the very first series, Mobile Suit Gundam. Now, it's ready to fight for something else.

Say Anything

(Photo: DreamWorks/Amblin)

The iconic move of holding up a boombox might not be specific to a certain film, but one of the most recognizable movies that it happens in is Say Anything, which perfectly fits the vibe of Van Halen's classic 'JUMP!' as it takes over the trailer. Ah, John Cusack, you charmer.


(Photo: DreamWorks/Amblin)

Tagging in at the end because we're not exactly sure about this very familiar silhouette.

Did your eagle eyes catch a bunch of Easter eggs that we missed? List 'em in the comments!