Report: Grand Theft Auto V’s Biggest Mystery Is On The Brink Of Being Resolved


Grand Theft Auto V is a much bigger game than you might realize. Along with the abundant amount of missions available in the game – and, of course, its online component continuing to see new additions every month – there’s a deeper mystery that’s lurking beneath the surface. And after four years, some players may have discovered just what it could be.

This mystery revolves around the game’s tallest mountain, Mount Chilliad, and a mural that sits on the top of it, as you can see above. As you can see, there are various markers that are on the map, with key points highlighted. But there are also some strange images on there, including an egg, a UFO and a jetpack.

Once you beat the game 100 percent – which can take a while, but it certainly doable – then you’ll notice that UFO’s begin to appear at key locations within the city. Another appears right at Mount Chilliad, if you manage to go around 3 AM when there’s a downpour of rain happening. So what does it all mean? Are aliens taking over the city or what?

According to Kotaku, based on items that were added to the Gunrunning update for the game, some new images have appeared, including models and scripts for a UFO and an egg. This indicates that the items have a higher purpose within the game, and aren’t just Easter eggs as some people seem think.


What’s more, the items have coordinates that are tied in with them, and once they’re put into the game, they all point to one particular place – the military base, Fort Zancudo. There’s a possibility that a UFO, or some sort of alien life, is being held at the base, and Rockstar Games could very well be introducing some form of event that will tie in with it.


The publisher hasn’t given any kind of word on this officially, but it’s a neat little mystery that has kept some players searching for years, and now it could very well come to light. It’s just a matter of seeing what Rockstar does to make it worthwhile for gamers. Hopefully it’ll be…out of this world?

Grand Theft Auto V is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.