'Resident Evil 2's Tofu Was Created By Motion Capturing Real-Life Tofu

(Photo: Capcom)

Capcom has confirmed that it's really, really serious about its tofu, especially tofu of the Resident Evil 2 variety.

According to producer of the game Tsuyoshi Kanda, Capcom scanned real-life tofu in order to make the 3D model for Tofu, the "character" players play as in the "The Tofu Survivor" mode that is unlockable in the game.

Initially conceived and created by Capcom to test the game's collision detection, Tofu was actually eventually given his own minigame/mode, the aforementioned, "The Tofu Survivor," as a parody of HUNK's The Fourth Survivor.

In the original 1998 game, in order to unlock the Tofu scenario, you had to first unlock The Fourth Survivor, and cleared the Leon A and Claire B storyline 3 times with an A ranking. You can read about how to unlock both Tofu and Hunk in the remake -- there's different, more laxed requirements -- by clicking here.

As you may know, Tofu goes through exactly the same environment that HUNK does, complete with HUNK's cutscene voice. The character can notably take more damage than other human characters, but is only armed with a knife and a few herbs.

Interestingly, as Tofu takes damage, it will change color, from white to blood red when in danger, and to dark pink when poisoned.

Whenver Tofu is attacked, it notably swears in the Kansai Japanese dialect, and when it is killed, it will mutter "farewell" in Japanese.

Tofu was a weird and popular secret back in the day, so it's no surprise Capcom made sure to bring the character back for the remake, and from the sounds of it, go through some extra trouble to modernize the character.

Resident Evil 2, as of today, is available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. At the moment of publishing, there's been no word of a Nintendo Switch port. However, Capcom has supported the system to date, and so it's possible such a port will come sometime post-launch.

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Source: Capcom via DualShockers.