Rocket League Season 3 Patch Notes Revealed, Update Live

Rocket League Season 3 won't be fully live and running until tomorrow in the popular video game, but ahead of its release, the big update itself is available across the various platforms that the game can be played on. When the Rocket Pass does go live, it will add a new car, but before that this update most notably adds a brand-new trade-in system that should make it easier and more rewarding to get rid of unwanted inventory items.

Beyond this update isn't of extreme consequence. It does come with other new additions, new music, bug fixes, and more, but none of it's very game-changing nor will it really improve the overall experience of the game. That said, when measured by the length of the patch notes, this is certainly one of the bigger updates in weeks.

Below, you can check out the update's full patch notes, courtesy of Psyonix:


  • Trade In Update
    • Trade Ins are now managed in their own section in the Garage
    • All Trade In-eligible items fall into three categories:
      • Core Series Items
      • Tournament Items
      • Blueprints
    • The Trade In menu displays how many eligible Trade Ins you have, sorted by category and rarity
    • Trade Ins still operate the same way as before:
      • 5 Uncommon = 1 Rare
      • 5 Rare Items = 1 Very Rare
      • 5 Very Rare = 1 Import
      • 5 Imports = 1 Exotic
      • 5 Exotics = 1 Black Market
    • Tournament Items and (revealed) Blueprints can now be traded in regardless of series. The Tournament Item or Blueprint you receive from a Trade In is directly tied to the series of the items you traded in.
      • For example, if you trade in three Ignition Series Blueprints and two Ferocity Series Blueprints, you'll have a 60% chance to receive an Ignition Series Blueprint and a 40% chance to receive an Ferocity Series Blueprin
  • Player Trading Eligibility
    • Before trading with other accounts is activated, new accounts must:
      • Reach XP Level 30
      • Have 50 or more minutes in Online Matches
    • Accounts with XP Levels 30-99:
      • Can trade three times per day
      • Limit of 2,000 Credits per trade
    • Accounts with XP Levels 100-249:
      • Can trade ten times per day
      • Limit of 10,000 Credits per trade
    • Accounts with XP Level 250 or greater:
      • Unlimited trades per day
      • Limit of 100,000 Credits per trade
  • [PC] New Frame Rate Options
    • In the Video Tab under Settings, the FPS slider on PC has been replaced with a ‘Frames Per Second’ dropdown menu
    • This menu will give you a list of FPS options based on your GPU and display
    • The ‘Uncapped’ option at the bottom of the list will ignore the framerate cap when Vertical Sync is disabled, but may cause screen tearing for some players depending on hardware configuration
  • General
    • Settings will now sync to the EOS cloud and share across all linked accounts
      • Nintendo Switch support for cloud syncs will come in a future update
    • Each Playlist option under the Play Menu has a rad new image
    • Added unlock countdown timer for Seasonal Challenge Stages
    • Added link support to the in-game news panel


  • Monstercat (Antenna)
    • ‘Vindata
    • ‘Fransis Derelle
    • ‘Monstercat Silk’


  • Corrected appearance of Team Liquid Decals when High Quality Shaders are enabled
  • Fixed a bug causing the Music Playlist to appear off-screen when reducing the Interface Scale
  • A player’s first trade will no longer hang for 20-30 seconds after enabling 2FA on your Epic Games Account
  • Fixed a bug affecting the “Invite to party" option in Friends List if both players are playing through the Epic Games Store
  • [Tournaments] Teams that have won two out of three matches should no longer see extra matches generated against the same opponent
    • This bug fix is dependent on PsyNet updates related to tournament access and matches that are happening in the coming weeks
  • Fixed a bug with the Season Free Challenges display counter
  • Localization fixes for French, German, Japanese, and Polish

Rocket League is available, for free, via the Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC.