Rocket League Update Re-Adds Game's Best Feature

Psyonix has released a new Rocket League update on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch alongside official patch notes revealing everything in said update. Compared to some previous updates, today's new update -- titled v1.84 -- is on the smaller side, but it adds a very important feature back to the game: quick play, which was inexplicably removed from the game ahead of it going free-to-play. It's still unclear why the feature was removed, but after considerable backlash and outcry from fans, it's back.

With it, you can search the same playlist you last searched for. To do this, there will be an option near the bottom of the Play Menu. There's also the option to bind it to a button on your controller or to your keyboard if you're on PC.

With the feature removed, it was a very tedious process to search for a new game, whether from the home menu or after a game in the post-game menu. That said, this tedious process is now a thing of the past. The only separating you from getting right into another match is one press of a button or key.

Adding the quick play button isn't the only thing today's update does though. Below, you can check out the update's full patch notes:

Quick Play:

  • Based on community feedback, a 'Quick Play' button has been re-added to the game client
    • 'Quick Play' searches the same playlist(s) you last searched for
    • It is located on the bottom of the Play Menu near the 'Back' button
    • This button is bound to your controller and is a clickable button if using a mouse and keyboard on PC

Bug Fixes:

  • General
    • Fixed the "infinite loading" icon when trying to claim a completed Llama-Rama Challenge
    • Fixed a bug causing "Winner by most Shots" to appear during a Competitive Match and ending it early
    • Challenges should correctly appear for all new players on EGS
    • Fixed Private Match creation, will no longer result in a black screen or repeated Error 71 messages

Rocket League is available via the PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch, and soon it will be available via the PS5 and Xbox Series X when both next-gen consoles release in November.