Rocksteady Confirms Its New Game Won't Be At E3

If you were hoping to see Rocksteady Studios' next game at E3 next week, well bad news: the UK developer has confirmed it and its new game will not be attending the show in any capacity. The news comes way of Game Director and co-founder at Rocksteady, Sefton Hill, who broke the news on Twitter, and broke the hearts of DC Comics fans hoping to see what the developer has had cooking. As for why the developer won't be there, Hill doesn't say, but presumably the game still isn't ready to be shown or Warner Bros. doesn't want to reveal it during the big video game show.

"Hi all! A number of you have asked so we wanted to let you all know up front that Rocksteady won't be showing at E3 this year," wrote Hill. "We'll be watching as fans but remaining in London, hard at work on our next big project. Enjoy the show!"

As you may know, it's been nearly four years since Rocksteady Studios released Batman: Arkham Knight, the final game in its critically-acclaimed Batman series. And it's been over two years since the developer released any game, with its most recent being Batman: Arkham VR. In other words, it's been awhile since we saw Rocksteady, and even longer since we saw a proper Rocksteady release. And it looks like the wait is still far from over.

Earlier this year, a leak surfaced claiming that the next game from the developer is a DC Comics project called Outlaws. But according to that leak, the project should have been revealed already, suggesting it was fake.

Whatever the case, it could be awhile before we see what Rocksteady has in the pipeline. I've heard from one or two sources that its next game is a cross-gen release, which would suggest the PS5 and next Xbox will need to be out first before we see the title.


Anyway, as always, feel free to leave a comment letting us know what you think or hit me up on Twitter @Tyler_Fischer_ and let me know over there. What do you want to see from Rocksteady's new game?