Secret of Mana Remake Won't Host Online Co-Op

It's almost time to dive back into those familiar nostalgic feels, because the Secret of Remake will be here before we know it. The recent project from Square Enix brings a completely revamped experience for the beloved classic, both visually and with its new and improved audio. One aspect that did have fans excited is the co-op multiplayer that the game offers, which wasn't a terribly common thing to see within the age of SNES JRPGs.

While Secret of Mana is being upgraded to a more modern technological standard, the team over at Square Enix wants the upcoming remake to still remain true to its roots. Because of this desire, the co-op experience offered will be kept at an offline couch co-op level for up to three players. Here's what the producer of the Secret of Mana remake, Masaru Oyamada, had to say about the cooperative experience:

"You have three players sitting next to each other on the couch with three controllers – all playing at the same time. I think a lot of the enjoyment that people have in their memories of the original game relies on that playstyle. We felt it was best to have that recreated in the same way."

Though maintaining that classic feel is important, it is a little disappointing that online play won't be available. Not everyone has access to couch co-op and in this day and age where online capabilities are more accessible than ever before, it does negate a very strong player base desire for a more shared experience.

As far as the remake itself, Secret of Mana will retain what made it a hit JRPG back in the day with a few modern tweaks. Among the cutscene additions, updated tracklist, and modernized visuals; the implementation of intricate voice work will also be something both veterans and newbies of the franchise can look forward to. For those looking for an authentic remake, the option to toggle the voices off will still be there to retain a more true-to-source feel.


Secret of Mana launches on February 15, 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4, and the PlayStation Vita.

(via Game Informer)