SNES Classic Edition Bundles Are Back In Stock At GameStop

If you’re still having trouble finding a SNES Classic Edition to put in your game room, good [...]

SNES Classic Edition

If you're still having trouble finding a SNES Classic Edition to put in your game room, good news – GameStop has some bundles available in stock right now, so you can get your classic gaming fix on!

The system was released back in 2017, packing 21 different 16-bit hits for players to choose from, including the long-lost SNES classic Star Fox 2, which is exclusive to this collection. So there's more than enough reason to pick one up now, as the online retailer has two different bundles to choose from.

The first is the SNES Classic Fighting Commander Bundle, which goes for $104.99. The package includes the core system with two SNES controllers, as well as a separate wireless Fighting Commander controller produced by Hori, featuring a six-button layout "that's perfect for fighting games," and also includes a classic Slo-Mo function and Turbo functionality for each button.

The second bundle, however, might be more of the speed for classic game collections. The SNES Classic Collector Guide Bundle, which goes for $124.99 and includes the SNES Classic Edition with two controllers, along with a special book, Playing With Super Power: Super NES Classic Collector's Edition Hardback Edition. The book features a look back at Nintendo's beloved 16-bit console, breaking it down into various sections: The Console, The Games, The History, The Legacy, The Memories and Speedrunning Tips. It also features a slipcase resembling a SNES cartridge, and has an exclusive foreword by Nintendo president and COO Reggie Fils-Aime, so you know it's official. For good measure, it also includes an exclusive Star Fox 2 lithograph, so you have something to put on your gaming wall while you enjoy some 16-bit favorites.

These deals likely won't last, and they're both in stock right now. So if you've been meaning to get a SNES Classic, or have just been holding off for that ideal gaming bundle, now's a good time to scoot on over to GameStop and pick them up. It may be slightly more expensive than just the $80 core bundle, but you're definitely getting your money's worth either way.

The SNES Classic Edition is available now, and you can check out our review here!

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