Speedrunners Offer Coronavirus Aid Through Corona Relief Done Quick Event

Summer Games Done Quick 2020, this year’s iteration of one of the most popular recurring [...]

Summer Games Done Quick 2020, this year's iteration of one of the most popular recurring speedrunning events, has been postponed because of the coronavirus. Speedrunners are still planning on putting on an event next month, however, that'll assist in aiding those impacted by the coronavirus through a new event called "Corona Relief Done Quick." This event will be held during April, and like other big events which have been impacted by the coronavirus and the social distancing measures that accompanied it, the coronavirus relief event will be held only online where speedrunners play through games to raise money for the Direct Relief organization.

Games Done Quick announced its plans for the upcoming speedrunning events by first saying that Summer Games Done Quick would be postponed. The event has now been pushed back to August 16th and will run until August 23rd with all related deadlines and schedules pushed back as well, so those who are looking to attend the event now have longer to apply. This also means that games must be resubmitted, so those who've already submitted to the organization will have to do so again later in April. The same applies for those looking to be volunteers or hosts.

While Summer Games Done Quick may not be happening when it was originally planned to take place, there's still the event next month to look forward to. It'll probably feel a bit different than normal Games Done Quick events seeing how it'll be conducted online instead of in front of a crowd like other speedrunning events, but you'll still be able to see your favorite speedrunners tear through classics and new favorites.

"In the meantime, GDQ will be holding an online marathon, Corona Relief Done Quick, from April 17-19, 2020," the Games Done Quick organization said about their plans. "One hundred percent of all CRDQ donations will go directly to Direct Relief, a humanitarian aid organization with a mission to improve the health and lives of people affected by poverty or emergencies."

Game submissions for this event are now up and will be available until April 2nd, and anything people submit for this event won't have an impact on the rescheduled Summer Games Done Quick. A schedule for the online event and a list of the games that'll be played will be released on April 13th.