Spider-Man’s Art Director Had Plenty To Say About Its Gameplay And Final Box Art

Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man is easily becoming one of 2018’s most anticipated titles, mainly [...]

Spider-Man PS4

Insomniac Games' Spider-Man is easily becoming one of 2018's most anticipated titles, mainly because of the scope of gameplay that it has to offer – not to mention that it'll look like it was ripped straight out of the comic books.

And today, Jacinda Chew, who serves as art director on the project, had a bit to say about the forthcoming title, mainly talking about some of the aspects of gameplay, as well as when we can expect a first peek at the final box art for the game.

First off, Jacinda discussed the feeling of being able to swan drive towards the street, and then get to swinging at the last second – giving you the pure adrenaline rush of almost crashing. "My favorite thing to do in #SpiderManPS4 is to swan dive towards the street and swing back up at the very last minute," she explained on Twitter. "I love how my stomach drops every time!" (Remind us to give this a try when we get our hands on the game.)

Jacinda also noted, however, that you won't necessarily go "splat" if you manage to crash in the game. Instead, you just land perfectly – and it's something she finds a bit dull. "You…land, but I'm Spider-Man so I need more swag," she noted. "Landing is boring. I highly encourage you to swing stylishly when you play. It's half the fun!" This came in response to a fan's question that asks what happens if you miss that particular moment from above.

But Jacinda had one more note for us – what to expect from the game's box art. Apparently, Insomniac Games is taking its time when it comes to going for the right tone from the art, just as Spider-Man games have done in the past. "Yes! We're very close to finalizing it," she noted when a fan asked about the cover art. "It's going to pop on store shelves nicely. Can't wait to unveil it."

When that unveiling will take place is still unknown, but Sony might be saving it for the Electronic Entertainment Expo in June, when we'll also find out the release date for the game. That's very speculative, though – you never know just what Insomniac Games is up to.

Spider-Man will release sometime this year for PlayStation 4.