Spider-Man’s PlayStation Experience Booth Is Exciting, But It’s Missing One Key Thing

Spider 2

This year’s PlayStation Experience event in Anaheim, California is in full swing, and that’s the kind of thing that Spider-Man is all about – so of course he’s at the event. Sort of.

As part of its bigger “interactive experiences” at the event, Sony put up a nice little booth for Insomniac Games’ forthcoming game featuring the web slinger, taking a slice right out of New York with a number of interactive experiences.

Among these were a motion photo opportunity where you face off against a masked ninja warrior hanging from a helicopter, along with sitting on a rooftop with Spidey standing right next to you, ready to do battle; as well as another photo opportunity where you can stick yourself to webbing.

In addition to these photo ops, the booth also has many monitors playing Spider-Man footage for people to see while they wait. Don’t get too excited, though – the times that we went by it, the footage was actually from the E3 trailer that made its debut last year.

And that was probably the biggest disappointment with the Spider-Man booth – there wasn’t really much to see from the game itself. It wasn’t there, not even in demo form, and we didn’t see any Insomniac representatives on the floor to discuss the game. It was just pretty much an exhibit to celebrate the game.

Not that there’s anything really wrong with that, but that was a big theme at this year’s event. There was a God of War presentation, but it featured footage previously released for the game, and nothing entirely new. Same with Days Gone, which had a great exhibit in its own right, but no playable stations.

Spider 2

That’s not to say PlayStation Experience didn’t offer anything, though. Fans were content with what the Spider-Man booth had to offer, and could even pick up some devoted t-shirts featuring the web-slinger’s logo printed on a red-colored edition if they wanted. Alas, no web-shooters, but I guess there’s only so much that could be offered during an expo.


It was still a fun booth, though, and if you’re going to the PlayStation Experience event, you should definitely check it out.

Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man will release next year for PlayStation 4.