Spirit Island's Upcoming Expansion Will Be Huge

Spirit Island's creators revealed some early details about the game's upcoming expansion, [...]

Spirit Island's creators revealed some early details about the game's upcoming expansion, including the fact that it will add a whopping eight new spirits to the game.

Spirit Island is a popular cooperative board game in which players assume the role of island spirits attempting to ward off hostile explorers from settling on their island. Each spirit has its own strengths and weaknesses, with some focused on attacking towns and cities and others focused on defending the indigenous people or protecting the land from the blight that comes when settlers ravage the land.

The game is popular among tabletop game fans because of its gorgeous art and unique combination of strategy and resource management and fans have been wondering if the game would receive a new expansion to supplement the core game and its Branch and Claw expansion, which added new mechanics and two new spirits to the game.

Greater Than Games recently confirmed that they would be launching a new Kickstarter to fund a massive expansion that will add eight new spirits along with allowing for 5-6 players to play at one time. The game will also introduce new adversaries (the colonists arriving on the island) and new scenarios for players wanting a different experience than the basic game style.

In a post on Board Game Geek, game designer R. Eric Reuss noted that the upcoming expansion will not be a standalone expansion, but won't require the Branch and Claw expansion to enjoy. The new expansion will include the Branch & Claw rules and tokens for the new mechanics introduced in that expansion.

We'll find out more details about the new expansion on October 16th, when the Kickstarter campaign officially begins. The only downside is that Greater Than Games estimates an 18 month turnaround date, so we won't get the new expansion until 2020.

For those impatient for new Spirit Island content, Greater Than Games also has a promo pack available on their site that adds two new spirits and requires the Branch and Claw expansion to use.

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