Dead by Daylight Shares Behind-the-Scenes Video of Stranger Things Collaboration

Stranger Things content coming to Dead by Daylight probably wasn’t the next crossover [...]

Stranger Things content coming to Dead by Daylight probably wasn't the next crossover opportunity players had considered for the game, but it certainly seems like a smart fit now that we've seen more of how the Demogorgon and other parts of the chapter will work. The chapter full of Stranger Things content will release in the game this month, and thanks to a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the killer, survivors, and map, we've got a better idea of how this whole collaboration came to be.

Dead by Daylight recently shared the video below to show the innerworkings of the Stranger Things content. Right near the start, the developers of the game addressed part of the chapter that made it stand apart from other DLC that game has received. Every killer that's been added to the game has had mostly humanoid properties, a trend which players looked to when speculating what kinds of killers could be added in the future. The Demogorgon breaks that humanoid streak by being more monster than human.

Mathieu Cote, the head of partnership for Dead by Daylight, said the Demogorgon was fun to work on because it was the first killer that isn't completely human. Lead character artist Damien Devaux expanded on those comments by saying the Demogorgon was a "totally new thing" for the team to create.

"Animation-wise, Demogorgon was a totally new things for us," Devaux said. "Before that, all our characters were bipedal, with humanoid properties. Every time we make a new killer, depending on their complexity, we might have to create an entirely new rig. Demogorgon's morphology required that, especially because of its legs, the animation team had to design a new rig with new sets of animations based on the TV show."

Outside of the Demogorgon's new rig and its deviation from the usual killer style, it still has to achieve the same goals as others in Dead by Daylight. Stop survivors from repairing generators, slap them down, and toss them on hooks before moving onto the next one. It's got portals and a pounce ability to help it with that along with special perks, more on those seen here.

Joining the Demogorgon is the Underground Complex map along with the survivors Steve Harrington and Nancy Wheeler. They'll all be added soon on September 17th, Behaviour Interactive confirmed recently, so get ready to have a new main in the game if you're big on Stranger Things.