Summer Game Fest Will Return in June and Will Only Last One Month

In lieu of any in-person events transpiring last year due to the pandemic, Summer Game Fest became one of the most prominent locations in which new details on upcoming video games were unveiled. The showcase was one that lasted for the majority of the summer season and featured developers from around the globe appearing on various live streams to make announcements related to their own projects. With the pandemic still proving to be an issue when it comes to meetups this year, it was today revealed that Summer Game Fest will be returning in just a couple of months.

Disclosed on Twitter earlier today, it was said that Summer Game Fest will be returning in June of this year. Geoff Keighley, who organizes and hosts the event, shared the news himself on his own social media feed after previously indicating that he had plans to hold Summer Game Fest again earlier in the year. Specific dates for when the event would start weren't given, but the showcase as a whole was described as, "A spectacular, concentrated global showcase of the future of video games -- where everyone comes to play."

While news on the 2021 iteration of Summer Game Fest is still pretty sparse, Keighley did confirm that arguably the part of last year's show that many viewers disliked the most won't be returning. In 2020, Summer Game Fest stretched on across the entire summer and didn't come to a conclusion until August. This prolonged nature of the event wore many people out by its end. Instead, Keighley has made clear this time around that Summer Game Fest will only be confined to the month of June.

It remains to be seen which developers and publishers will take part in Summer Game Fest this year, but we'll likely continue to learn a whole lot more in the near future. With June only being two short months away, it won't be long until additional details on this year's event start to emerge.


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