Super Bomberman R's Latest Trailer Focuses On Exclusive Characters

A few weeks ago, we reported on the news that Konami was bringing its previously Nintendo Switch [...]


A few weeks ago, we reported on the news that Konami was bringing its previously Nintendo Switch exclusive Super Bomberman R to other consoles, and, with those versions, special characters that would only be available for each version. These included Master Chief for the Xbox One edition; Ratchet from Ratchet & Clank for the PlayStation 4 edition; and P-Body from Portal 2 for the PC version.

Well, today, we've got a closer look at those characters in action, as Konami has released a three-pack of trailers featuring each one doing what they do best – blowing up stuff.

First, let's take a look at the PlayStation 4 trailer for Ratchet, who's been super-deformed a bit, although you can still see Clank clearly on his back. The gameplay is very brief, but does give you an idea of what he brings to the table.

Next up is the Xbox One version, which features Master Chief from the Halo franchise. It's very identical to the previous trailer, but features some footage of the slightly shrunken down character as he attempts to detonate bombs against others.

And, finally, P-Body from Portal 2 gets his own trailer, with most of it still the same, but his gameplay standing out a little bit as he drops a few bombs on his opponents.

Aside from that, each trailer highlights the many features that the game will have, including 3 vs. 3 team battles, 8-player networked play, unlockable characters like ones from Silent Hill, Castlevania and Gradius; and much, much more.

The game turned out to be a pretty big hit on the Nintendo Switch front, so it should have no trouble repeating that success on other consoles. The exclusive characters could be nice selling points too, considering how many Ratchet & Clank and Halo fans are out there.

Here's the features rundown, if you need a reminder:

  • Story Mode - A campaign playable alone or with a friend in local co-op. Join the 8 Bomberman heroes and help them to defeat the Evil Emperor Buggler!
  • Battle Mode - The classic and fun Battle Mode is back. Play with up to 4 players locally or 8 players online!
  • Grand Prix - Grand Prix is a new competitive mode in which teamwork is key. Which team will show the best skills and be crowned as the best in the Universe!?

Bomberman is back and stronger than ever as the eight Bomberman heroes journey to space to face the Evil Emperor Buggler!

Tons of new characters are joining the fight. Play locally or online with friends and players from around the world! Play alone or with a friend in a Story Mode jam-packed with different levels. Re-experience classic Battle Mode, or discover the brand new Grand Prix Mode in which team play is just as important as individual skills! Classic Battle Mode is back! Challenge players around the world in online battles!

Super Bomberman R will release for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on June 12. It's available now for Nintendo Switch.